Our Development Management team at AJ Khair Contractors, Inc. has overseen numerous development projects in and around West Hollywood

Our ownership team at The Harper on Sunset has combined experience of over 65 years in the real estate/development sector successfully investing in high-profile development ventures which make us confident in our ability to effectively develop this contemporary mixed use project all while enhancing the vibrancy of the Sunset Strip with a new iconic wrap around digital sign. Our Development Management team at AJ Khair Contractors, Inc. has overseen numerous development projects in and around West Hollywood, including acquisitions, design, entitlement, financing, management and construction. Our organizational and management experience can be leveraged to benefit this project as we are committed to supervise the pre-development and construction to ensure that they progress on schedule and within budget.

Our premier development partner, StandardVision is a multi-disciplinary studio operating at the intersection of art, architecture, technology, and brands. Their unconventional approach combines a deep knowledge of media architecture and technical design with a commitment to culture. Their uncompromising technical and aesthetic standards leave an impression on a global audience while spectacular, site-specific screens give brands and artists a unique voice in a crowded marketplace. A digital media platform is more than mere LEDs on a building. It starts with a vision, matures as a solution and culminates as an icon. The display technology itself will utilize a transparent blade system featuring high quality CREE LEDs, an ultra-high efficiency centralized DC powerplant augmented by sustainable solar installations, and an innovative content management system (CMS) that will integrate all elements of lighting and media technology with a focus on artful programming.

The Harper on Sunset associates were participants during the off-site signage application process in 2012 and has a pending off-site sign application on file. Ownership intends to preserve the existing signage entitlements on the property with the intent of relocating and better integrating the existing off-site signage within the new project design.

The City of West Hollywood has created a unique opportunity to create iconic state-of-the-art digital signage along the Sunset Strip ensuring the vibrancy of West Hollywood fusing together contemporary design and honoring the traditions of its character. We believe that our proven excellence in design, development and technology, paired with our media sales expertise will exceed expectations and will deliver a dream scenario for the city.

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Larry and his family have been active property and business owners on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood since 1948.  e.t. Legg & Associates (www.etLegg.com) is a private commercial real estate and asset management business.  Larry serves as its managing partner.   He also serves as co-general partner, along with Demitri Samaha, on the Harper development.   Larry has been in the commercial real estate business for 20 years.  He is also a Certified Public Accountant and has served a variety of clientele in the real estate development and construction industry for over 37 years.

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Demitri Samaha is the founder and President of A.J. Khair Construction Inc. and has over thirty years of real estate investment, development, and construction experience. He started his career in real estate by investing in and developing projects for his and his family's personal investment. In 2004, he focused his career exclusively on real estate investment and development by forming A.J. Khair. As President, Demitri is directly involved in the development and operations of all ventures, from acquisition to financing, design, construction, and lease-up. The company has developed hotels, apartments, condominiums, and custom homes. Demitri is a licensed general contractor in the state of California.