A three-story office building, a two-story office building that was previously the site of a restaurant and nightclub and a commercial parking lot sit on the proposed project site. The buildings will be demolished for this project.  A historical study was conducted on the buildings, and they were deemed NOT historical.

A 9-story hotel above a floating open-air courtyard open to the public, with an adjoining 46-unit residential structure, comprised of 9 affordable units and 37 units of market rate housing, on-site parking and commercial spaces for  restaurant, a bar, bakery and other uses. 20% of the residential units will be affordable according to City rules & guidelines.

A mixed-use hotel and residential project with affordable units is the best use to revitalize this section of Sunset Blvd that satisfies the City’s goal for a landmark project at this Eastern entry to the Sunset Strip.   A hotel will also provide much needed Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) to help the City of West Hollywood maintain its high level of social services and other benefits to it provides its citizens.

Yes. A scoping session will be conducted as part of the Environmental Impact Report  (“EIR”) process. At the scoping session the public will have an opportunity to learn more about the project, pose questions, express concerns and be able to submit written comments.

The project is designed to minimize traffic impacts at Sunset and Harper. A full traffic and transportation study will be conducted as part of the EIR. The study will include review of all entrances to and exits from the project.

The project will fully satisfy West Hollywood’s parking requirements and there will be more than adequate parking to service the hotel, residences, restaurant, and public uses. In addition, the project will provide on-site valet parking and accommodate drop off and pick up for Uber, Uber Eats, Door Dash and Lyft.  These facilities will all be studied as part of the EIR.

The project is designed to mitigate all noise impacts and a noise study will be conducted as part of the EIR.

Yes.  The unique design of the project will allow the public to access the main plaza, the landscaped courtyard as well as the restaurant, the bakery and all public uses including  outdoor seating areas.

Construction will start about a year after the project is approved and will take approximately 28 months.

Construction impacts will be studied in the EIR and a detailed construction plan will be developed based on the report and in accordance with City requirements.

The design for this Project was carefully created to fit in and improve the look of the community.  There are breaks in the building massing and a remarkable floating open-air courtyard which will allow significant airflow. Shade and shadow will be studied in the EIR.

Yes.  The Project will have a uniquely designed wrap around digital billboard sign that will not only merge to define the architectural concept but will have its light and media engineered to avoid glare and negative impacts.  The billboard will be studied and conditioned as part of an integrated entitlement approval process.