Entitlements Requests

  1. Development Permit for Mixed Use Hotel and Residential Harper Project with Restaurant, Bar, Retail, Commercial, Pool, Guest Lounge and other Ancillary Hotel Uses (“DVP”);
  2. Amendments to the Sunset Specific Plan (“SSP”), General Plan and Zoning Map to Add R-4B Parcel to the SSP and Accommodate the Alternative Proposal with Revised Design Standards for the Harper Project:
  3. Conditional Use Permit for Hotel with Alcoholic Beverage Service, Bar, Room Service, Pool, and Other Ancillary Hotel Uses (“CUP”);
  4. Minor Conditional Use Permit for the Restaurant Uses with Ancillary Alcoholic Beverage Service;
  5. Administrative Permit for Outdoor Dining and Seating Areas
  6. Demolition Permit to Demolish Existing Structures and Improvements on Site;
  7. Distinctive Gateway Alternative Proposal/Development Agreement Supporting the Mixed Use Harper Project with Heightened Public Benefits; and
  8. Vesting Tentative Tract Map for Condominium Purposes
  9. Sign Permit Application for Concept Award Winning Billboard and Signage Integrated into the Harper Project