The Harper on Sunset will be a sustainable Mixed Use gateway hotel, restaurant, retail and residential Project, the first of its kind on the East Side of the Sunset Strip.

Economic Development and Community Benefits

Affordable Housing

The Harper on Sunset contemplates providing approximately fourteen (14), desperately needed, affordable housing units on site.


Parking Resources

The Harper on Sunset anticipates constructing and making available significant excess parking, which would be made available to better serve the surrounding residents and businesses.


Open Space and Streetscape Improvements

The Harper on Sunset incorporates a floating open air courtyard on the highly visible corner of Sunset Blvd and Harper pulling in pedestrians from the street with lush landscaping, outdoor dining and a permanent light art installation all fully available to and benefiting the public.


New Gateway Signage

A new East Facing Highly visible Lighted “Welcome to West Hollywood” sign will be integrated into the East side of The Harper on Sunset marking a strong gateway signage into the City of West Hollywood and its famed Sunset Strip.

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As detailed in the project description, The Harper on Sunset will incorporate sustainability strategies throughout.


Development Agreement Consideration

Both the Digital Signage and Mixed Use Project will require separate development agreements with the City by reason of which the City and community will realize substantial new sources of revenue.


Planning and Construction Jobs

The planning and construction phase of The Harper on Sunset are expected to generate a 300 person-years of direct, indirect and induced employment.


Substantial Construction Phase Tax Revenue

Over time the City of West Hollywood will realize millions of real estate, sales and other tax revenue from the property itself and the businesses housed within The Harper on Sunset.


Employment During Operations

The Harper on Sunset is expected to generate 7500 person-years of direct, indirect and induced employment, this equates to an average of well over 150 full-time jobs over the next 50 years.


First New Major Project on East Side of Sunset Strip

This dynamic mixed use hotel and residential project will be the first substantial development of any kind on the East end of the Sunset Strip in the 35 years since Cityhood and be a shot in the arm to help spur improvements to this part of the West Hollywood.