The multi-planar digital surface and feathered accent lighting navigate a sweeping curve and will highlight creative content approaches.

Public Benefit, Art Components, Sustainability Features


Within the Sunset Off-Site Advertising Signage Program, we believe that the superlative design of the new mixed use hotel, residential project has a higher ceiling for integration and public engagement than an existing retrofit. Throughout the design process, the goal has been to engage the Sunset Strip at various levels in support of an overall design aesthetic, curated art program and a gateway to the Strip.

Art Installation

An art installation is in the planning stages to be incorporated within the sunken outdoor courtyard at the highly visible corner of Sunset Blvd. and Harper Avenue which would be intended to highlight the Sunset Strip’s rich tradition of neon and lighted signage. Discussions are underway for a yet-to-be-determined local art installation that will be an integral part of this project. 

Sustainability Features

The digital signage will be LED for low energy consumption. All available roof area will be used for solar panels, which will substantially contribute to power the signage and offset the project’s overall energy use. Sustainable building materials will be used for the interior and exterior finishes of the Harper and will utilize recycled content for many aspects of the construction. The building will also be designed to be energy efficient and will meet California’s 2020 energy standards, as well as low water use. The many planters and landscaping throughout the project, will be drip irrigated with the water collected and continually re-used, supplemented with the collection of rainwater. All of the abundant greenery, a signature of The Harper on Sunset design, will cut CO2 emissions and make a bold visual statement that the project is ‘green’.